Ware Housing & Distribution Services

About Ware Housing & Distribution Services

Ozara provides all kinds of warehousing & Distribution services to our clients for any of their products & business required to do so. Ozara supports state-of-the-art ultra-modern warehousing space & services to our valuable clients/customers, and distribution services with reasonable rates, support, care, reliability, commitment, flexible, and with real-time updates and reports.


Ozara provides ambient warehousing facilities for cargoes that need to be kept in normal room temperature. Our ambient warehouse facilities are managed to store cargoes with at most care and protect. Ozara has ambient warehouse facilities managed and monitored to ensure the quality and safety of goods. Ozara can able to provide storage space in our ambient warehouse which is suitable for various business like packing, electric/electronics, other General goods/cargoes to name a few.


Ozara provides support to keep high-quality temperature-controlled facilities to our valuable clients to keep their high value cargoes/goods, uniquely with our region’s climate. Our warehouse helps to keep and maintain the quality of the goods and products. Ozara has the quality equipment and experienced staff, always to handle our clients’ cargoes.


Ozara’s facilities combined with efficiency and modern systems and staffs to reduce your warehousing and distribution costs while increasing your services levels. our incomparable experience in managing dedicated and multi-user facilities successfully gain good will and get supports from more customers. Ozara offers unified logistics solutions to address even your most compound supply chain challenges. Our team has the capacity to design solutions customized to provide optimal service requirements and costs. Distribute closer to demand, reduce your facility cost, andexpedite delay in transit or transload improve shipments to reduce inland transport costs or distribution to final destinations.


Ozara is assisting and helping the valuable customers and client to keep their cargo in a safe place where there valuable is safe and protected, our goal is to make what’s complicated feel easy to our customer and retain their trust always towards and help them with allocation planning, reducing wastages in every aspect and save money. Ozara Logistics will work hand in hand with our clients for their business as a partner like to safeguard the interest. our logistics solutions, backed with a strong Warehouse Management System to handle all our customer cargoes like they were our own.
In order to reduce and save time for our customer and the related service providers, we have the capacity to arrange things to release the cargo without any kind of delays in any manner.