Cross Trade/Transhipments

About Cross Trade/Transhipments

Ozara shipping LLC provided worldwide Trans shipment (sea/air, sea/sea, air/sea & air / air) services. Shipments are routed via Jebel Ali/Dubai/DWC which is considered as one of the major trans shipment hub in the Middle East. Ozara Shipping LLC have all the facilities and are well equipped to handle the SEA/AIR & AIR/AIR TRANSHIPMENT CARGO that is being forwarded to us by our partners in Far East and Sub continents to it’s final destinations in Europe, USA, Middle East & Africa and vice versa with a cost effective solution, we attempts to bridge the gap between sea and air freight.

Ozara Shipping LLC is specialized in providing cross trade support for our customers who can benefit from our worldwide agents offices, fast responses in shipment collection and delivery, reliability, and the option to pay at the origin or destination offices or currencies

What's the benefits

Experience the advantages of Cross Trade/Transshipment services for efficient global logistics. With seamless coordination, reduced transit times, and cost effective solutions, these services facilitate smooth cargo movement between multiple destinations.